Pelo Studio

We are a design studio for startups

During acquisition and retention quest, we believe design has a major role to play. Integrating design into your process will improve the experience of your users and the efficiency of your product for the good of your business. Based on a real proximity and a lean methodology, we produce deliverables quickly in order to become the design partner of your team.

How we work It's a three steps journey

We always begin with a workshop

Because the design brief is as important as the design itself, we will write it with you. This 3 hours workshop allows us to connect your product, your users and your business. At the end, everyone will have a clear vision of how the product should be designed and a lot of time will have been saved.

We follow by defining a smooth user experience

Based on wireframes, we define the architecture and the workflows through a prototype. We create focused user experience in order to support the main goal of your product. The prototype will become our media to iterate on the UX as well as the communication tool with developers.

Then we achieve clear user interfaces

Once we created a sharp user experience we will produce the final user interfaces. From colors, fonts, text, pictures and pictos, we will make it look good and super easy to understand.

Our past work This is what we do

Our previous clients They trust us

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